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November 4, 2019

Must-Have Security Items for AirBnB Hosts

Airbnb surged in demand, with travelers enjoying the feeling of home away from home. Airbnb is beneficial for both the guests and the hosts. Similarly, security and safety are important to both, the guests and the hosts. To ensure your Airbnb is safe, not just from the outside threat but also from the damage caused by the guests. Starlocks has a list of must-have security items for all the Airbnb hosts. 

Motion Sensors

Although allowing guests to stay at your property means letting them use the property as they please. As an Airbnb host, you might not want some areas of the house to not be disturbed. The first thing would be to state, under your established rules where these areas are. If you want to make sure to be extra sure that your guests aren’t breaking these rules, you can easily set up motion sensors. 

Motion sensors are easily set up and allow hosts to check up on areas that are off-limits. It will alert you if guests begin to wander or go to the areas in which they are not welcome. Although motion sensors are not against Airbnb’s policy, being transparent with guests is vital. Make sure to tell the guests of these motion sensors, so they are fully aware of these gadgets. 

Security Camera

You don’t want to make your guests uneasy with the cameras inside the house. Nevertheless, it can definitely put their minds at ease if you have them up outside your apartment or house. With security cameras, you can feel secure, as it is one of the few protections Airbnb hosts have against theft. 

Similarly to Motion sensors, it is important to make the guests aware of security cameras. Make sure to list them that you have these security cameras posted in certain areas. It will also be a good idea to avoid putting them in certain private areas such as bedrooms or bathrooms.  

Video Doorbell 

Albeit you are able to control access to your Airbnb, it can be difficult to control the access to the number of guests. This is where video doorbells, such as August Doorbell, come in. As the name suggests, video doorbells are installed doorbells that are connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You will be able to exactly view who is going in and out of the Airbnb. This comes in extra handy when you have specific rules for extra guests or pets. 

Bearing in mind Airbnb’s policy to disclose any items which could possibly record or transmit video, audio or still image. Hence, make sure to disclose the usage of this gadget, to ensure no further problems occur. 

Smart Locks

Smart locks have become Airbnb Hosts’ best friends. These handy locks eliminate all risks associated with physical key-bases locks. Physical keys can get lost, easily copied or just stolen. Moreover, it can be difficult to enforce checkout times, with no proper way of knowing when the guest leaves. 

With Smart locks, you will be able to set or reset passwords or system of entering the house with each guest. Additionally, you can set keypad or access code limits, ensuring the checkout times are followed.

These were some of the recommended must-have security items for Airbnb Hosts. For more information on installing secure locks contact Star Locks. We provide high-quality locksmith services at low fares. Contact Star Locks for more information at (410) 220-4692!