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Need an auto key programming service in Baltimore, MD? We’ve got you covered. We specialize in auto locksmith services. Therefore, we can help repair any remote key fob if your car key is broken or damaged – we can literally complete any auto key programming request. In addition, we can also provide a replacement remote fob and/or transponder key.

To find out more about what auto locksmith services we offer, please see our prices page. Alternatively, give us a call to inquire personally.

Types Of Transponder Key Problems and Auto Key Programming We Can Help With

  • Replacement Key Fobs
  • Car Key Programming
  • Repair Key Fobs
  • If Your Remote Fob Is Not Working
  • Broken Transponder Key
  • Spare Transponder Key
  • Broken Transponder Chip

Not Sure If Your Key Needs To Be Programmed?
Due to regulations that were passed at the time, if your car was made after 1995, then it will have an immobilizer system. This consists of a transponder key that contains and electronic chip which corresponds to your car’s computer system. As a result, the only way the car will start is if the car receives the correct code when you turn the key.

Specific Keys That Will Need (Re)programming
Any car key with a remote fob, that provides keyless entry to a car, may need to be reprogrammed if they the fob is broken or faulty. Transponder keys, which are keys with a transponder chip inside, may also need to be programmed.

Is Auto Key Programming A Lengthy Process?

With Star Locks, it doesn’t need to be! We are able to program a car key very quickly and to a very high standard.

In some situations, we may need to use a diagnostic machine in order to program your key. However, we will always arrive at your location equipped with all of the tools we need.

Can’t I Program My Key Myself?
Unfortunately, in most cases, this is not possible. Programming a car key is a complicated and technical process involving vehicle diagnostics that only a professional can perform. In this case, your best bet is to call Star Locks to do this for you, quickly and effectively, to ensure that your key is programmed properly.

What’s The Difference Between A Transponder Key And A Remote Key
Good question! A remote key operates via a radio frequency which enables you to lock and unlock your car by pressing a button. Likewise, a transponder key also works via radio frequency. However, a transponder key is a little different, in that it has a chip inside which connects to the ignition remotely. Subsequently, if this chip isn’t working, then the engine won’t start.

Which Makes And Models Of Vehicle Keys Can Be Programmed
Generally speaking, Star Locks can program vehicle keys for most types of manufacturers. If you are unsure as to whether or not we can program your specific type of car key, the chances are we can! That said, give us a call today at (410) 220-4692.

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