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September 20, 2019

Cold Weather vs Locks – How To Minimize The Damage

September has come and it’s going to get chilly in Baltimore. This means that winter is not so far away so you need to start preparing for the cold. If you never included your door locks in the winter preparation you’ve been wrong this whole time! Cold has an enormous impact on the material locks are made of. Just a single winter can damage your brand new locks beyond repair. Don’t worry though! There are a few things you can do to prevent your locks from cold damage. 

What’s The Problem

Before you hear about the ways you can avoid the damage, it’s better if you know how does the cold impact your locks. So, there are two main problems that may arise – freezing and contraction. The first one is the possibility that your locks may freeze due to the low temperature. Locks that are exposed to weather changes may get covered by the layer of ice and as a result, it may block the keyway. The second common problem is the contraction of locks. This may cause the key not to be compatible with the lock anymore and leave you unable to enter your house or a car.    

How To Deal With a Frozen Lock

A very effective way of dealing with icy lock is to use lubricating spray that is designed to dissolve the congestion with air pressure and oily fluid. Another way is warming up your key and slowly working your way into the keyhole. The ice will melt and you’ll be able to enter your house or a car in no time. These solutions sound pretty easy but what if your locks get misshapen due to the cold temperature? In this case, the best thing you can do it calling a professional locksmith who can properly deal with the damage. 

Prevention Tips

As we already mentioned above, there are few ways you can avoid the damage Baltimore cold can cause to your locks:


Regular lubrication can prevent your locks from freezing. 

Keeping Them Dry

Keep your locks away from rain, because moister can get inside it and turn into ice once it starts to get cold outside. 

Warming Your Padlock

If you have a padlock, it’s good if you remove it from time to time, dry it and warm it up for a little bit in order to prevent it from freezing. 

We hope that our blog will help you have a winter free from lock-related inconveniences. If you need a professional locksmith who can deal with Baltimore winter call Star Locks! 

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