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July 12, 2019

Help – I Locked My Keys in My Car!

I Locked My Keys In My Car

Locked out of your car. Expert Locksmith tips

How Do I Get Back In? 

So, you’ve found yourself saying “I locked my keys in my car!” These words have escaped everyone’s lips at some point or another. It doesn’t make you a bad or irresponsible driver, simply a victim of a common, but unfortunate occurrence among car owners. Don’t be embarrassed, and don’t panic. 


Take a deep breath.

And follow our tips for what to do if you’ve locked your keys in your car! We know lock and key security better than anyone. By following our advice, you’ll be able to eliminate some of the stress of your situation and get your car back on the road, safe and damage free!  

Make sure there’s no other way back in

When you first realize that you’ve left your keys inside the car, the initial panic may cause you to make silly blunders, such as forgetting to check for another way into your car. Maybe you only locked your door, the driver’s door. Perhaps you forgot to lock the passenger or back doors. That, in itself, is a big security flub, but it may just come in handy. Go around your car and check the other doors to see if they’re open. Alternatively, if you left a window down, you may be able to reach your arm or something down into the door panel to unlock a door. 

Some modern car makers provide drivers with alternatives that allow them to remotely unlock their vehicles. Services such as Viper or OnStar make it easy for you to access your car when you’ve locked your keys inside. Such services are available by paid subscription, but provide you with the fast assistance you need, should you ever need it!

Check for access to a spare car key

Every driver should has at least one spare car key. And you should keep it in a separate place than your key ring (which, if you’ve locked your keys in your car, can’t help you!) We recommend keeping a spare in your wallet or purse, or in a secure key box stored somewhere on the underside or exterior of your car. 

Alternatively, if you’ve given a spare car key to a loved one or has a copy at home, it’s possible that someone can bring you the key. Sure, you may have to wait for a bit, but isn’t that better than spending money on professional lockout assistance? 

Of course, if you’re reading this article, then chances are you don’t have access to a spare car key. In that case, there’s just one option left:

Call in the professionals 

When you’ve exhausted all your options, the best bet is to call in a professional locksmith. Mobile locksmiths can be called upon in all major cities and towns in the US, where this industry of on-the-go locksmiths is growing every day. These guys are Godsends. A professional mobile locksmith can come to you at your location and open your door safely, usually within a matter of a few minutes. Of course, take a few minutes to choose wisely – find someone licensed and insured. Then give them a call and wait for their arrival. 

Forget DIY Entry Methods

There are countless articles on the internet giving you “expert advice” for breaking into your own vehicle. In addition to being fruitless, these DIY methods of entry also make you run the risk of damaging your property. It’s much faster and much smarter to simply call a locksmith. 

Lockout Support – Baltimore, MD

For car lockout assistance in the Baltimore area, Star Locks has you covered! We can be with you quickly, any time of day or night, to get you back into your car!