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November 18, 2019

New App Lets Others Steal Your Keys?

Technology has come so far, a single picture of a key gives anyone the ability to create another and steal your keys. Are you intrigued yet? Yes, it sounds easy and possibly quite convenient but what about the safety aspect of it? Read further to find out more about this new app that lets others steal your keys and how you can avoid it.

How does the app work?

Sad to announce, there is more than one company that operates like this. Although a company called “keyMe” is the most recognized, there definitely are more apps like that. Here is how they do it.

All it takes is 3 simples steps. Take a picture, contact through the app and send the picture, receive the keys. Here is the problem, it’s all dandy and nice when you don’t have to get up from your couch to receive a copy but what happens when it’s not you who is copying your keys? 

You could simply leave your keys on your kitchen counter, a table or even your work desk. This is an innocent act and sometimes we leave our keys laying around within our safe homes. This is the tricky part, anyone — be it your partner, weird tinder date or jealous co-worker, can take a picture of your keys and have an exact copy of them made. Just like that, anyone can have the keys to your home or your business that effortlessly. 

Another ominous aspect is the fear of information theft. The app, just like all the cloud-based information databases, can be hacked into and the sensitive information can be leaked. This could potentially signify the leak of your own keys with residential information. Worse of all, if done without your consent, you might not know about such leaks, allowing utter strangers to have access to your property. 

With malicious intentions, anyone can have access to your property. This is outrageous and gross. For the purpose of safety, Star Locks promises to NOT use the app. Even if the claim is made by you, we cannot trust that it will always be ‘you’. 


Protecting your property

Now you know how the app lets others potentially steal your keys, but how do you prevent it? The most obvious way would be to avoid leaving your keys anywhere visible and not letting others have access to it. 

Another way would be to get restricted keyways. Most of the common keys can be copied but if you have restricted keyways, only professional locksmiths would be able to copy those. 

The general consensus would be to be more aware and not leave your keys lying about. 

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