Lock Rekey Service

When you need a lock rekey, look no further than Star Locks. Our rekeying services are available 24/7 to make sure you get the extra security you require for your home, car, or commercial space.
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Rekey Security Solutions

If you’ve ever moved into a new office, experienced a burglary, or worried that your key’s fallen into the wrong hands; chances are you’ve considered rethinking your security situation. Many people are unaware that instead of changing their locks, there is a simpler and cheaper option: rekeying your locks. It’s a great option for home and business owners, property managers, and anyone else searching for that peace of mind that their property is secure.

What Is a Rekey?

Rekeying a lock is the process of changing the lock so that a different key may operate it. It renders any previously issued keys inoperative.
We do this by changing the internal parts of your locks (known as pins or tumblers.) We change the tumbler configuration by taking the lock apart and replacing some of the tumblers inside. Each series of pins inside your lock correspond to a particular key. So when you change those pins, you will require a new key to operate it. It may sound like a complicated procedure, but with the right tools and a knowledgeable locksmith, it shouldn’t take too long. 

Will I Need My Original Key?

In order to rekey your locks, our locksmith will have to have your current key. Without the key that matches your current lock, the locksmith will have to pick open the lock. It’s no problem for a skilled locksmith, but will usually incur additional charges that often exceed the price of switching to new locks.

What’s The Advantage Of Rekeying?

The advantage of rekeying a lock over replacing a lock is that it doesn’t require the tedious and more costly process of switching to entirely new locks. Simply put: it’s faster, easier, and cheaper!

When Should I Have My Locks Rekeyed?

There are a few different situations where you may consider getting your locks rekeyed. They include, but certainly aren’t limited to:

When moving into a new home or commercial property

After moving into a new space, whether it’s residential or commercial, it’s always recommended to either rekey your locks or change them entirely. That way anyone with the old key doesn’t stand a chance of getting in.

When you’re not sure who has a key

When you’ve lived or worked in a space for a long time, it can be tough to remember who exactly has a copy of the key. Instead of worrying about keys being in the wrong hands, rekeying your locks can give you assurance about exactly who has access to your property.

Lock rekey service in Baltimore, MD - Star Locks and Keys

When you’ve had a high turnover of employees

If your employees leave without turning in their keys, or you’ve had to let go of an angry employee, it could be a good safety measure to rekey the locks. Just to make sure no one can enter your building who shouldn’t.

Master Rekeying

Rekeying isn’t only used for when you want to retire old keys, but also for matching several locks to one key. This key is known as a master key. If your home has several different locks that require different keys, rekeying them all for a master key is a great idea. This will cut down the number of keys you have to keep track of.
Creating a master key is also a great idea for business owners or property managers who often manage larger areas that contain many locks that require different keys.

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