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October 30, 2019

Master Key: What Are They And How Do They Work?

No doubt you’ve heard the term “master key” before. Especially if you own or manage a commercial property, you’ll likely be familiar with the concept. For those who are unfamiliar, Star Locks is here to explain Master Key; what they are and how do they work. Simply put, a master key is a key that opens all doors on a property. It may sound confusing. After all, how can ONE key open several doors while another only gives you access to one? Allow us to explain. 

Key Rankings

Master key systems require you to have several keys. However, each key is different based on what they allow you to access and can be ranked on a system from “change key” to “grand master key.” Let’s talk about this ranking system, discussing each kind of key. 

Change Key – The lowest ranking key in the system is called a change key, or sometimes a sub-master key. This key gives you access to only one lock, and any locks that are identical to it. The lock that opens with the change key can also be opened with a master key and any key above that rank. 

Master Key – In some ranking systems, a master key is the highest ranked key. Without a master key, each lock will have its own key. A master key will open all locks on a property. 

Grand Master Key – There’s a key higher ranked than a master key? Yes! Grand master keys allow access to multiple master key systems. For facilities with several campuses or buildings that require their own key system, a grand master key will allow you to access the locks in all systems. 

Great Grand Master Key – For businesses that require more than one grand master key system, you’ll need a way to unlock ALL the locks within the grand master key systems. Theoretically, you could have a higher ranking key, but at that point, the systems get too confusing to keep track of. 

Need A Master Key System For Your Baltimore Property?

Master keys are an absolute must for commercial properties. If you own or manage a small, medium, or large commercial space in the Baltimore area, Star Locks is here to create a master key system for you. We can work with you to schedule a call out, or come when we’re called (as we’re available.) Call Star Locks today!