4 Tips To Avoid Locksmith Scams

4 Tips To Avoid Locksmith Scams 

Locksmith scams have been on the rise in the last few years. Fake locksmith companies often target house and car owners that are helpless and stuck in an emergency situation. How do they fool so many people? The thing is, locksmith scammers are located on the internet. They have nice websites with SEO on point, a bunch of Google Ads and GMB posts. They advertise themselves effectively on the internet so whenever you search for a locksmith service the chances of coming across the scammer companies are pretty high. 

In order not to fall prey to fraudulent locksmiths you should know how to identify them. We have 4 tips for you to avoid locksmith scams. 

Local is Always Better

Most of the locksmith scammers don’t have local shops and only work as freelancers. They usually have call centers that are located in other countries! So when you’re talking to the operator who’s claiming to be nearby, the chances are that they are not even on the same continent. So, when choosing a locksmith the first thing you need to do is to make sure that they are local. Be cautious if a locksmith answers your call by using general phrases such as “locksmith services” instead of naming a specific company name. Always search for a locksmith with a local address. Get in touch with them and ask about their location and services to confirm that they are local.

Verification is The Key

When the locksmith arrives at your location, ask for their identification number and license. 15 states in the US require locksmiths to have a license in order to provide services. See the list of states that require a license. A professional locksmith will also ask to verify your identity. Locksmith scammers usually don’t bother seeing your ID so if the locksmith won’t ask you to verify your identity, the chances are high that he is one of the scammers. Another thing you should look for is a locksmith van with a company name. If the locksmith arrived with the vehicle that has no company name, take it as a red flag and send them back to where they came from. 

Ask About Extra Fees

Locksmith scammers aim is to charge you as much as possible. When they arrive to their destination they usually claim that the job is way more complicated than expected. Therefore, they add charges to estimated price. It is always better to ask about any additional charges for services such as special cases before you hire the locksmith to work on your locks. Professional locksmiths don’t try these cheap tactics. They will tell you about additional charges in prior so you can be prepared. 

Don’t Allow The Locksmith To Drill 

If you’re in a lockout and the locksmith is persistent to drill or change your lock, don’t let them. Drilling is applicable to advanced and highly secure locks. A professionally trained locksmith should have the skill and equipment to unlock any lock without drilling it. 

If you follow these tips we guarantee that locksmith scammers won’t fool you.

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